"“The program has given me confidence to be a good mom”" ~ Ashley A.
"“Thanks to the program I’m learning how to improve my daughter’s growth, and to have a better family relationship”" ~ Leticia H. and Hector M.
"“As first time parents Healthy Families has given us insight and the encouragement we’ve needed to be a happy healthy family”" ~ Michelle F. and Randy C.
"“Our family is where we are today because of Healthy Families”" ~ Alex B. and Christina B.
"“Since my family has been a part of Healthy Families we have accomplished so many life changing goals”  " ~ Lakita L.

New Video Produced to Help Pregnant Women

February 24th, 2014 by Melodie Jennings

On February 24, HFRA completed the informational video funded by the MIECHV grant which will provide education to pregnant women when they receive services at the Fredericksburg Health Department Maternity Clinic. The video will be distributed to women prior to their first appointment so they are better prepared and know what to expect during maternity visits. The video has both English and Spanish versions.